Learn Savate online.

The elegant art of feet and fists.

Savate is a kick and punch boxing style with beautiful movement and precise strikes. Now you can learn it from anywhere.

London Savate has been creating champions since 2004. World Champion James Southwood’s online training system has followers around the world – Korea, South Africa, USA, Portugal, Spain, France. This is world class Savate training for you, wherever you are.

James Southwood high kick

Want to learn Savate kick boxing

but no club near you?

With on-demand Savate kick boxing classes, workouts, live calls, and video feedback, James can be your Savate coach from anywhere.

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A World Champion in your virtual corner.

Head Coach

James Southwood

James was World Champion 2014, five times World / European finalist and is an International Silver Glove and Professeur of Savate. He still competes at international level and is ranked World Number 2. With more than 21 years in the art, James has coached national teams, given seminars across the world, and founded the London Savate Club in 2004.


A fighter's best asset.

Fresh content is added all the time. I have not stopped learning either.

Dynamic Coaching.

Video feedback.

Upload your shadowboxing or sparring to get individual feedback and pointers from James.

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Inside the Academy.

  • Technical Lessons

    Full-length technical themed Savate lessons to follow at home.

  • Always Fresh Content

    New themed Savate courses added all the time delivered to you.

  • Personal Feedback

    Upload shadowboxing or sparring videos to get feedback.

  • Live coaching

    Regular zoom coaching calls for Q&A and progress.

  • Community

    Share ideas, progress, and events with members around the world.

How does it work?

Your questions.

  • What does the Academy include?

    The Academy hosts Savate video courses recorded by World Savate Champion James Southwood. They cover Savate kicking, punching, the footwork, defences, tactics, workout extensions, fitness programmes, and sparring skills. Follow along at your pace to learn a world class Savate game.

  • Are the lessons live?

    All lessons are recorded so you can watch them back at a time and place that suits you. We also do Zoom coaching calls for questions, chat, and meeting people.

  • Do I need a partner?

    You need only some clear, safe space to shadowboxing or hit a bag, a little time, and your commitment.

  • Do I need to be fit?

    Not to start with. The Academy includes fitness programmes and exercises for everyone from beginner upwards.

  • What is Savate?

    Savate Boxe-Française is an elegant form of kick boxing that originated in 1800s France. It is today a clean and efficient ring sport practised around the world. It is ideal for learning to box, getting fit, flexible, and having fun.

  • Do you take beginners?

    YES! We were all beginners once and I am still learning new things after 21 years, so that feeling never quite goes away. We have a dedicated beginner courses to guide you through the proper form when you are starting out.

  • I have another question!

    I'll be happy to help if you email support at the top or whatsapp me +44 (0)7950 456307.

I would recommend it to everyone

Martin O’Malley, President, Savate Ireland

I have been working with James through the online World Academy and it has definitely made a huge difference in my training. The video classes are excellent in terms of the quality of the presentation but equally they are full of excellent information, breaking down the technique and associated footwork which makes it work. It has been the continuous support around the videos which has made it all come together. The ability to submit shadow boxing and sparing videos for analysis, where James has helped me diagnose my weaknesses and identify my strengths. This being followed up with regular video calling where he guided me through the development of a personalised training plan to capitalise on my strengths. I am delighted that I chose to join the World Academy and I would recommend it to everyone to get involved with the Academy and with James.

James' passion clearly comes through

David Cross, Indianapolis

James' passion for the art of Savate clearly comes through. The content is highly engaging, calorie burning, and will give you an in-depth look at the techniques of Savate. I've been working with James for a little over a month now, and he has been highly responsive to all of my questions, and he offers a large amount of depth on Savate techniques and strategies. I would highly recommend this online course. I have found it very useful, even though I am viewing the material from overseas.

Fantastic set of Savate resources!

Lizzy - former European Savate Champion

I want to applaud James for this fantastic set of Savate resources! Even when my wi-fi stopped me streaming a lesson, there's enough good content in the fitness section to give me a really good workout. Nice one!

Patrick, USA.

As both coach and students, we have rediscovered our enthusiasm as a club. London Savate has been for us - thus far - quite a tonic for a long malaise. We are all looking forward to new era for our club with your program.